Birth and Postnatal Doula Support

Birth Doula support

My role as your doula is hugely variable. The support I offer is tailored specifically to what you need and with every client, I discuss with them what they want from their birth before I am on call to build a unique package just for you.

Firstly I offer Antenatal sessions, here we will discuss the birth process and the different phases and some methods of relieving any discomfort. This often takes the shape of positions, massage, breathing or Hypnobirthing techniques (I do not teach hypnobirthing but can give you information on local trainers), use of water, tens machines and many other ways so you can decide which you might like to try during your birth. 

We also normally discuss plans for the day itself and talk about some practical ideas that might help you and your birth partner on the day and we talk through worries you or your birth partners might have.

As it may be a reality that I cannot accompany you to the hospital or once the midwifery team arrive at a homebirth, part of the antenatal sessions will include some phrases you can use, ways your partner can support you and some useful techniques. As part of the Birth Doula package, you will also get a birth kit with useful tools and information that we can work through together during the antenatal sessions and will have useful items in for the birth itself. 

Some mums and dads find they are a little apprehensive about the upcoming birth or have heard others talk about their horror story births which makes you feel worried and sometimes even scared. You may have had a worrying or scary experience with a previous birth. The antenatal sessions are a good opportunity to talk about these fears. Fear of birth makes a huge difference to your birth. If we can lessen the fears you will enjoy your birth far more and will feel more in control of the situation even if things take a more dramatic turn on the day. This is a key role for me and I aim for you to be prepared and feel supported as much as is possible.

As part of my birth support package,  I go on call for you from around 38 weeks into pregnancy. I will be on call for you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week until your baby arrives. I  limit the distance I travel so that I can be available to you as quickly as possible if I cannot attend hospital or stay with you at home, as I will be available by phone or video call for the remainder of your labour. I aim for this to be within 45 minutes.

Sometimes the ladies I support overlap in the on-call period. On the rare occasions this happens, I will arrange for another local Doula to be available just in case I am not. 

Once labour begins, I will come to be with you at your home and will stay there until either you decide to go to the hospital or call the midwifery team to your home. If it is possible for me to join you in your birth, I absolutely will do, but if not, I will get home and be ready for you to call, text or video chat throughout the rest of your labour, and until baby has arrived and you are settled. 

If I am not able to attend, my role will be to support you and your partner verbally rather than physically to do all the things I would normally support you with in-person, be that positions, ideas to get things moving, talking through decisions and whatever else may crop up at the time. 

If I am able to physically be with you during the birth itself, I find that every person is different and needs different things from me. For many, I support them and their partner to use some of the methods we talked about in the antenatal sessions and can physically help you move into different positions or massage you. Others prefer to know I am there in the corner quietly encouraging the medical staff to allow you to be a couple and manage labour yourselves. I have also maintained temperatures of birthing pools and fetched and carried so partners can concentrate on being there for you. The role really encompasses lots of aspects and I am very adept at following your lead intuitively.

Sometimes, for various reasons it may become important to deliver baby either using forceps, a suction cup or by cesarean. When this happens it is hugely important that you and your birth partner are informed and supported. If this should happen, I ensure your partner is supported as the medical team rightly turn their attention to yours and your baby's safety. It can be stressful for the partner and it is a comfort to them that they have someone looking out for them.

Once baby is born, if you have decided to breastfeed, I can support you in early feeding, both in person and via video chat. If I am able to be with you,  I will also make sure you are showered and comfortable before I then leave you to enjoy your baby.

I visit again about a week later when you are home where we can talk through the birth or answer any questions you may have. I am then available to you for up to 6 weeks by phone or email. 

Please contact me for more information

The cost for this service is £600

Postnatal Doula support

As a postnatal doula, I will come to your home to help support you in the transition into parenthood. For many first, second and more time parents the first few weeks can be massively overwhelming. My aim is to reduce this by bringing a calm friendly face to offer you the support you need.

I do a vast variety of tasks but my general aim is to help you to feel more confident in looking after your family yourself.


By offering information and support, my aim is to enable you to make choices that work for you and your family, whatever this may look like.  

As a postnatal doula, I support you in becoming confident with your decisions and believing in yourself.

If you need me to, I can look after baby so you can catch up on sleep, have a bath or simply 10 mins to yourself.

I am happy to help out with light housework such as laundry, hoovering, tidying around, washing up and taking baby or any pets you have out for a short walk and am happy to look after older siblings if this is something you need me to do, or sit with baby so you can spend some precious time with older siblings.

I am quite flexible as a postnatal doula, if you are unsure then always ask me.

please contact me for availability

The cost for this service is £20 per hour

Sam Bounds Doula and Holistic Therapist in West Berkshire

Antenatal Support

As a Doula I offer private 1-1 Antenatal sessions in your home. We discuss the process of birth and look at some ways of managing labour and discuss options for pain relief. We also make time to chat about your birth preferences and will talk about what to expect after you have given birth and information about breast or bottle feeding that you might find useful. The time you have for your Antenatal session is a time for you to ask questions too about anything that may be on your mind, and if I don't know the answer I will find out for you.

The session lasts roughly 2 hours, sometimes a little more and you will get an Antenatal pack with lots of resources for you to use.


If you would like to enquire about my Antenatal sessions please CONTACT ME

Labour and Birth
"Sam is a wonderfully warm and caring person. She is someone that puts you at ease with her voice. She never questioned what was important to me in my birth wishes, but supported them fully and put me at ease."
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