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In these very strange times, there is such a huge amount of fear and confusion.


Currently, most hospitals are limiting the number of birth partners allowed into the hospital to just one. This means that Doulas are not able to, for various reasons, support you in person in the labour room.

As a former health care worker, I entirely understand and support the NHS in these most unusual times, I get that they want to limit the number of people going through hospital doors, and this is entirely the right thing to do for yours, your partners, your baby and the hospital staff's safety.

For this reason, I am no longer offering face to face visits, or physically supporting you in the hospital so I do not create more of a problem than I solve. 

I am however offering all normal visits and birth support from a virtual stance. This means all antenatal sessions I would normally offer will still happen, I will still be available for you during the course of your labour and birth and will still offer a virtual debrief after. The package remains the same, I just won't see you in person. I will also be limiting the lending of my equipment to reduce the need to post or drop things off.

With this in mind, I am also reducing the cost of my package from £1000 as normal down to £500, stand-alone antenatal, post-birth debriefs and postnatal support is also available separately at £50 per session. I will also be offering postnatal support via video call for £10 per hour.

I still want to support as many women as I can to have a positive birth and understand the limitations and the scene that you may encounter once labour begins. 

So the new virtual package will include the following.

Firstly I offer Antenatal sessions, here we will discuss the birth process and the different phases and some methods of relieving any discomfort. This often takes the shape of positions, massage, breathing or Hypnobirthing techniques, use of water, TENS machines and many other ways so you can decide which you might like to try during your birth. I can also create relaxing and bonding meditations for you to practice in the weeks before birth if this is something you would like to incorporate.

We also normally discuss plans for the day itself and talk about some practical ideas that might help you and your birth partner on the day and we talk through worries you or your birth partners might have. Some mums and dads find they are a little apprehensive about the upcoming birth or have heard others talk about their horror story births which makes you feel worried and sometimes even scared. You may have had a worrying or scary experience with a previous birth. The antenatal sessions are a good opportunity to talk about these fears. Fear of birth makes a huge difference to your birth. If we can lessen the fears you will enjoy your birth far more and will feel more in control of the situation even if things take a more dramatic turn on the day. This is a key role for me.

Most importantly we get to know each other so I am a friendly familiar face.

If you would like me to support your birth, I will go on call for you from around 38 weeks into pregnancy. Once labour begins, I will be available by email, text, call or video call for the duration of your labour offering as much support as I can. I can talk through how your birth partner can support you in the room, I can demonstrate on a member of my family some of the techniques I use so you can see the method. Should things arise that you want to talk through with me, exactly as if I was there, we can do this so you can find a way through that you feel in control of. This is still your birth, and although things may be limited, it can still be positive. Once baby has arrived, I will still be available for you via the methods mentioned above until you are all settled on the postnatal ward. in normal circumstances, I will be in contact over the first few days, as normal.

At around a week after birth, I will be in contact again to offer a postnatal debrief and postnatal catchup. 

I will also be offering virtual postnatal support, this will mainly be talking through issues you may have or support you in feeling empowered and listened to by the care providers, or just being a friendly face to chat to as needed. I am reducing this support cost to, I will be offering this at £10 per hour.


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