Aimed at supporting, informing and empowering you in exactly the same way I would do if I was supporting you in person, This box contains lots of useful information and tools to help you to achieve a positive birth and early parenthood.

I have designed a comprehensive workbook that takes you through the information I would traditionally go through during your antenatal sessions, including birth plans and recording your birth story, and incorporates lots of products I would carry in my Doula bag to support you in person.

Packed full of useful information and tips, sharing important information with you on your choices and how to get the best from your experience and talks you through birth plans, breastfeeding and initial postnatal care for your baby. ​


What is included in the box?

Firstly, Your workbook. A comprehensive look at the birth process as a whole with hints and tips on how to manage during the various stages of birth, alongside useful information to ensure you keep fully informed throughout your experience.

We also look at what to expect during your labour, whether you are at home or in the hospital setting.

We look at what is important in a birth plan and direct you to evidence-based information so you can make the various decisions during birth such as Vaginal exams, Vitamin K injections and your thoughts on the various pain relief options.

I encourage you to think about breastfeeding options, and visually give you some breastfeeding support, as well as giving you details on where to seek further support if you need it. 

We take a look at the initial postnatal period, just after birth and what to expect during this time, and at the end, there is space to write down your birth story to keep forever. 

A filled and unfilled Birth preferences sheet, you can also access the empty sheet for free HERE. 

Your Birth preferences are a series of options you have looked at throughout your pregnancy and would like to incorporate into your birth if it is possible. Sometimes the plans have to change slightly for everyone's safety so it is always wise to have less

perfect options too, that way you have thought about things before they happen, I feel this is key to staying in control during your labour.

A "What to pack for Hospital" checklist, also available to download free 

A Colouring in sheet

A flower that is 10cm in diameter, to demonstrate how big 10cm really is.

10 Birth Affrimation cards to inspire and help keep you motivated throughout labour.

An eye mask to keep unwanted light out and to help you relax.

(Colours may vary)

Some straws, to make drinking out of a cup much easier!

Some Battery operated Tea lights, these come in useful when creating the required ambience in the birthing room, without the danger of a naked flame. This is especially important as there may well be canisters of Oxygen nearby. 

Antibacterial wipes and 2 Face masks. The wipes can be used to clean your space so you can be reassured it is clean. Face masks I have added in case you feel you would like to use them, or for if you are in hospital and want to move around.

A flannel, used to dip in cold or hot water to offer relief wherever it is needed, or to help you to wash.

An empty spray bottle, fill with cool water to spray a refreshing mist to cool you down. Useful if it's warm outside too!

Natural Hand Sanitiser spray, by Pheroma, a natural alcohol based hand sanitiser, with added Lavender oil to keep you safe.

Lip Balm, to keep your lips moist and protected when you are focusing on your breathing, by Pheroma.

Massage oil, by Pheroma, a delicate oil, with added Lavender oil to increase the feeling of relaxation during labour. 


A Postnatal Healing Sitz, Bath salts with added ingredients designed to promote healing after the birth. Add to the bath and relax and let the mixture relax and repair, by Pheroma.


Stress relief oil Roll on, a mix of essential oils designed to relieve stress and promote relaxation, by Pheroma. 

Some hand warmers, activated whenthe packet is opened and stay lovely and warm for many hours, useful to give warth to areas that need a bit of TLC during the labour.


​A blow up pillow, useful for Mum or Dad when they need to rest.

Also in your kit, a pen and a few sweets for your enjoyment.


 The Birth Doula in a Box costs £49.95 plus P&P

The Birth Doula in a Box

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