Here you will find some useful information and links to support services should you need them. 

I am always looking to add to my list so if there is something you feel is helpful, please feel free to share at

As part of my Birth Doula in a Box, I have created some free to download Birth preferences templates, for you to write your preferences for your big day, and a checklist for what you might find useful when packing your hospital bag. 

Feel free to use and share them with others who may benefit.

Support For You

During your pregnancy, you may encounter some medical conditions that you haven't heard of or know very little about. By understanding your condition and how it affects you and your baby, you can make the best decisions for you both. Here are some support groups for the more common issues you may encounter, most being a temporary condition until baby has arrived. If you experience something that is not here but you would like to find out more, please feel free to get in touch with me. 

Gestational Diabetes. 

Some women develop Diabetes that is caused by the additional pressures put on your body during pregnancy. I have supported many women who have developed this, and along the way have picked up some useful suggestions from them. Understanding your diet and blood glucose levels is the key to successfully managing Gestational Diabetes, also referred to as GD. Here are some websites, you will find a wealth of information on these pages. Each link takes you directly to the correct page.

Pre Eclampsia

Usually towards the end of your pregnancy, but sometimes earlier, Pre Eclampsia (PE) can develop. Urine and Blood pressure testing by your midwife at your appointments will pick up the presence of Pre Eclampsia. PE is a condition that can start from around 20 weeks into your pregnancy, but often not until much later that affects your blood pressure which raises, and protein becomes visible in your urine. If left untreated PE can develop into Eclampsia which is much more serious. As a mum, I had PE with my first baby. It can be worrying but the midwifery teams are skilled at picking it up and supporting you with treatment. These websites hold lots of information about the condition and your choices for you and your baby.


Cholestasis is a liver condition that can develop during pregnancy. Usually clearing up entirely after the birth of your baby, it can be a serious condition often starting as an itching all over your body and can turn the skin yellow. 

These websites will help you to understand the reason it develops and the choices you have.                                                             

I am still in the process of developing this page 

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